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      • NutriBuilder?

        NutriBuilder? is a new nutritional feed additive belonging to the group "amino acid, their salts and analogue" which is authorized by China, EU and USA. 

        For Broiler

        500 g/t GAA in the formula can save around 150 kcal/kg energy and 400 g/t Arginine use in poultry feed, and can improve meat yield by 5-10% while reduce the abdominal fat level by 10%. Also, it can hugely decrease the mortality chicks by more than 50% under heat stress.

        For Breeder

        Proper dose of GAA in breeder feed can enhance semen quality and sperm motility, improve the fertility and hatchability by 10% and reduce the mortality of embryos, increase growth performance of offspring.

        NutriBuilder? can be processed into premix, mineral, concentrate and compound feed by any technical procedure.

        ? Guarantee enough clean water for animals.

        ? Greater performances when using in pure plant-based diets.

        ? Greater performances adding 200-300g betaine (supply methyl) when using GAA.

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