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      • NutriBuilder?

        NutriBuilder? is a new nutritional feed additive belonging to the group "amino acid, their salts and analogue" which is authorized by China, EU and USA. 

        For Weaned Pigs

        Dietary supplemental NutriBuilder? at 500-600 g/t in weaned pigs can increase average daily gain by 30-50 g, decrease feed to gain by 0.05-0.10, improve immunity and increase survival rate. Besides, NutriBuilder? can replace half or all of the fish meal in diets.

        For Growing-finishing Pigs

        Dietary supplemental NutriBuilder? at 300-500 g/t in growing-finishing pigs can increase average daily gain by 50-60 g, decrease feed to gain by 0.2 and back-fat thickness, increase dressing percentage and lean percentage 1-3%, and improve meat quality.

        For Sows

        Dietary supplemental proper dose of NutriBuilder? in sows can increase born alive by 0.2 per litter, increase weaning average body weight by 200g, shorten sow labor, reduce back fat loss, improve survival rate and reduce diarrhea rate of piglets.

        NutriBuilder? can be processed into premix, mineral, concentrate and compound feed by any technical procedure.

        ?Guarantee enough clean water for animals. 

        ?Greater performances when using in pure plant-based diets.

        ?Enough methyl donor such as methionine, choline chloride.

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