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    1. Patents for Invention



      Method of synthesis guanidinoacetic acid and its salts


      Patents for Application









      Guanidinoacetic acid production system (ZL-2015-2-0227081.9 & ZL-2015-2-0227082.3)


      Guanidinoacetic acid production system (ZL-2015-2-0227081.9 & ZL-2015-2-0227082.3)




      National Certificates




      Feed Additive Production Permit: Ji Si Tian No. (2015) T06001                                   



      New Product Certificate, refer to the Ministry of Agriculture No. 2176 Announcement.





       International Certificates

      With our insistence on quality and responsibility for food and feed safety, we have acquired the endorsements from several authorities:



      FAMI-QS Code


      ISO 9001:2015

      ISO 22000:2005






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