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      Foreign merchants visit Gendone and seek common development

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      Author: Overseas Department-Tang xinya

      Abstract :On September 17th, 2019, merchants from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia visit Beijing Gendone’s headquarter and Gu’an Industrial plant to communicate, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

      On September 17th, 2019, merchants from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia visit Beijing Gendone’s headquarter and Gu’an Industrial plant to communicate, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

      At the headquarters, Dr. Yang Libin, the chairman of the company, delivered a welcome speech to extend a warm welcome to foreign friends who visited. Dr. Yang said that NutriBuilder? has been successfully expanded to many overseas market with its unique value.

      Mao Xuanyin, the marketing director of the overseas business department, introduced the company's development history, qualified honors and certificates, scientific research strength and production strength, and introduced NutriBuilder?, the process from production to delivery, and the sales current in foreign markets, so that foreign merchants can fully understand The company and muscle source products. 

      Zhang Wencai, vice president of Business School, introduced the company's great efforts in NutriBuilder? marketing, showed many domestic cooperative customers, and introduced the achievements made by the company in guarding rights in the face of foreign infringement of muscle source intellectual property rights and domestic fake and shoddy products, which reflected the company's determination and ability to guard users' interests and their legitimate rights, and ensure consumers' feed safety.

      Dr. Wang Zhenzhen, deputy general manager of the overseas business department, said that NutriBuilder? products have been sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries. In the future, they will continue to expand the market and continue to explore new sales markets. Dr. Wang also elaborated on the development prospects and development cooperation strategies of NutriBuilder?, which opened up unlimited space for customers to explore the overseas market of NutriBuilder?.

      The technical director Dr. Chen Zhengkuan introduced the NutriBuilder? from a professional perspective and answered questions. Dr. Chen introduced the difference between creatine and NutriBuilder?. The mechanism of NutriBuilder? was explained professionally through literature data. Through the examples of the application effect of NutriBuilder? in different animals, the wide application range and real unique value of NutriBuilder? are demonstrated.

      In the company’s NutriBuilder? industrial plant, Gu’an Gendone, the company’s vice president Yin Chao introduced the development and current situation of Gu’an Gendone, and emphasized the company’s expertise in process research and development, raw material procurement, quality control, and production process for NutriBuilder?. Strict standards in other aspects, and demonstrated the planning and layout of the industrial plant in response to the large demand for NutriBuilder? in domestic and abroad.

      Afterwards, Liang Lei, the manager of the industrial plant, led everyone to visit the production workshop of NutriBuilder?, explaining the production process of NutriBuilder? and the role and interaction of each workshop on the spot, and took a group photo together in the plant.

      After the visit, the company’s chairman Dr. Yang and the staff of the overseas business department also had in-depth conversation with customers in various countries. Through visits and exchanges, the company further understood the market conditions of various countries and the needs of foreign customers. Foreign customers also fully affirmed Gendone’s boutique strategy of “boutique R&D, boutique manufacturing boutique marketing, boutique company”, and are more confident in cooperating with the company to explore foreign markets.

      We look forward to taking this visit as an opportunity to take the company's overseas business to a higher level!

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