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      Backed by motherland, look around the world, innovate, focus and diligence!

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      Author: Mao Xuanyin, Overseas Department

      Abstract: On November 4-14, 2018, Dr. Yang Libin, Chairman of the Company, and Mao Xuanyin, Project Manager of Overseas Business, went on a business trip to three European countries for inspection.

      On November 4-14, 2018, Dr. Yang Libin, Chairman of the Company, and Mao Xuanyin, Project Manager of Overseas Business, went on a business trip to three European countries for inspection. Through investigation, the characteristics of European animal husbandry and feed industry were deeply understood, and the production and management mode of excellent animal husbandry and feed enterprises in Europe was studied. After the investigation, Dr. Yang said: "Backed by motherland and looking at the world, innovation, focus and diligence are the only way out for the survival and development of domestic feed additive enterprises!"

      Organized and led by Beijing Feed Industry Association, 11 enterprises and 23 members inspected De Heus Group and Orffa Group in the Netherlands, Agrifirm-Nusience Feed Factory in Belgium, BASF and Evonik Group in Germany, Strabenheimer Hof Farm in Germany, and then visited the 2018 Euro Tier Exhibition held in Hanover, Germany. The first stop of the European expedition is the Dutch family business of De Heus with a history of more than 300 years. De Heus was engaged in feed processing industry in 1911, with an annual feed output of 7 million tons, ranking 14th in global animal feed output, with branches in 16 countries and doing business with at least 75 countries around the world. The delegation visited the piglet production workshop on the spot, and felt that the enterprises kept improving the processing technology such as raw material selection, receiving, pretreatment, cleaning, storage, crushing, mixing, batching, puffing and finished product control.

      In-depth discussion with Mr.Rob, head of De Heus suckling pig production base

      On November 5th, the delegation came to the second destination-Orffa Group of the Netherlands. Orffa, founded in Belgium in 1967, is headquartered in the Netherlands, and is mainly engaged in developing, customizing, procuring, and distributing feed additives in animal nutrition market. With branches in 27 countries around the world, their products are exported to 85 countries on 6 continents. Orffa firmly believes that the best way to stabilize customers is to provide customers with the most ideal and suitable technical products and solutions through internal product development and brand concept. Orffa constantly discovers opportunities in the global market, innovates according to the needs of target customers, unites and screens local or global high-quality manufacturers, builds its own brand, and uses its strong sales network and technical sales talents to promote its products all over the world.

      The delegation took a group photo with Orffa senior management at the door of its headquarters

      On November 6th, the delegation moved from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Ghent, Belgium, and visited Nuscience Headquarters, which specializes in animal nutrition under Agrifirm Group, which was awarded the honor of Royal Agricultural Group by the Dutch royal family. Founded in 1886, Nuscience Green Race Group is mainly engaged in various feeds and additives, and has a number of leading patent technologies in the feed industry in the world, and is committed to becoming one of the largest premix manufacturers in the world. Entering the premix factory in Nusceience, the scene before us is shocking. High-end production equipment, fully automated gas conveying system, intelligent batching system, efficient packaging and palletizing system, precise and flexible mobile hopper, real-time central data display screen, nine premix production lines in the whole factory, with an annual output of 120,000 tons and thousands kinds of feed meet the customized, diversified and efficient needs of different customers. The high-end information flow management system perfectly coordinates such a grand project, and the reputation of "Future Factory" is well deserved!

      Nusciecne premix factory located in Ghent, Belgium

      In the morning of November 7th, the delegation arrived at the fourth destination, BASF Group (BASF) headquarters in ludwigshafen on the Rhine. BASF, founded in 1865, is the 112th German chemical giant among the top 500 in the world. Since 1980, the Group has invested in animal husbandry market, and devoted itself to research, development, production and sales of animal healthcare products. At present, it is one of the largest suppliers of feed additives in the world, and its products contain vitamins (A, E and B2), enzyme preparations and organic acids.

      Dr. Yang Libin took a photo at BASF Visitor Center

      There are 1750 buildings, 100 kilometers of streets, 200 kilometers of railroad tracks, 2500 kilometers of pipelines and 5 power stations in the headquarters factory of 10 square kilometers. There are more than 30,000 employees working here. BASF has its own hospital, travel agency and railway station, etc., and it is a "small city" with perfect living function. From its 153 years of development, it can be seen that BASF has already become a giant in the industry on the road of pursuing innovation and keeping improving, and has many records of "the largest scale in the industry"! BASF really deserves the big slogan "We Create Chemistry" at the entrance of the visiting center!

      A corner of BASF factory

      In the afternoon of November 7th, the delegation visited Evonik group headquarters in Hanau, Germany. Evonik, founded in 1843, is one of the world's top 500 special chemical enterprises, and has been in the chemical industry for 165 years. They are committed to providing high-quality meat, eggs and milk products and services to the growing population of the world and providing healthy and effective nutrition products and nutrition solutions.

      A corner of Evonik Industrial group headquarters

      On November 12th, the delegation visited the Bioengineering Laboratory of Evonik Group in Harley. The delegation learned about the basic situation of the laboratory, intestinal health solutions, Bacillus and biological amino acids in detail, and visited Evonik fermentation laboratory, chicken bionic system laboratory and disease prevention and diagnosis laboratory. Each laboratory has advanced equipment and many patented technologies. Everyone marvels at Evonik's global sampling, analysis and big data storage! Through the visit, everyone experienced Evonik's advanced experimental reserve and strong technical strength in biochemistry; We have a deeper understanding that the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign advanced enterprises, not only in hardware facilities, but also in soft power such as R&D, technology and concept.

      Dr. Yang Libin and members of the delegation presented Evonik Group with silk paintings with Chinese characteristics

      On November 8th, the delegation came to Strabenheimer Hof Farm, located in Bergstrasser County, Frankfurt, Germany, which has a history of about 100 years, and attended a lecture of animal feed development and feed management regulations in EU, which was given by Ms. Carmen, the owner of the farm.


      On November 13th, the European expedition came to the last stop, Eurotier, Hannover, which is an intensive animal husbandry exhibition with large scale, high professionalism, wide comprehensiveness and the most index in the global aquaculture industry. This exhibition has everything from equipment, raw materials, feed, additives, injections, veterinary drugs, data, animals, etc. There are 17 exhibition halls, 2,683 manufacturers from 53 countries and 160,000 spectators from all over the world.

      Members of the delegation took a group photo in EuroTier, Hannover

      During this visit to Europe, Dr. Yang said: The overall strength of domestic enterprises is obviously different from that of excellent European enterprises. Compared with full-price materials and premix enterprises, the gap is not too big, but compared with additive enterprises, the disadvantages are obvious, which can be clearly confirmed at Hannover Exhibition. 2. The technical level of domestic enterprises is still backward. Because the domestic feed additive enterprises are small in scale and limited in operating profit, they can't invest heavily in research and development, resulting in weak technological breakthrough. It seems that there is no realistic condition to catch up with the European level in a short time. 3. The comprehensive quality and management ability of domestic enterprises are still lagging, while the excellent European enterprises keep improving in all aspects of management quality and system construction, which is obviously at the leading level.

      Backed by the motherland and looking at the world competition pattern, and concentrating on "innovation, focus and diligence", it will take three or five years or even eight or ten years for domestic feed additive enterprises to truly participate in the world competition. There is a long way to go for Gendone! Only with clear understanding, full preparation, down-to-earth, seeking truth and being pragmatic, can hope and the future be met. Gendoners, come on!

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