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      NutriBuilder? (guanidinoacetic acid) product standard and research progress of livestock

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      Author: Yang Dongshan, Feed Additive Department

      Abstract: On July 16th, 2020, the 12th Symposium on the Application of Amino Acids and Feed Raw Materials in China, sponsored by China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society and hosted by Boyar.

      On July 16th, 2020, the 12th Symposium on the Application of Amino Acids and Feed Raw Materials in China, sponsored by China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society and hosted by Boyar, was successfully held through live online broadcast. More than 59,000 people watched the live broadcast, and the heat in the live broadcast room continued to be hot. Dr. Yang Libin, President of the Gendone, and Tian Yaoyao, Technical Director, attended the seminar.

      Dr. Yang Libin, the chairman of the Gendone, shared "Break through intellectual property barriers, overcome obstacles, and go to the world! "Report. Dr. Yang mentioned that since Gendone started researching guanidinoacetic acid in 2007, it has been the 14th year; in the 14 years, it has not only experienced the whole process of original technology from laboratory to industrial production, but also experienced the whole process of disputes over intellectual property rights of foreign companies. At the same time, Dr. Yang hopes that the entrepreneurial story of Gendone can provide reference for domestic enterprises that are determined to innovate.

      Tian Yaoyao, the company's technical director, shared a report on "NutriBuilder? (Guanidinoacetic Acid) Product Standards and Livestock and Poultry Research Progress". Mr. Tian pointed out that only our company's corporate standard Q/GAJTN 008-2019 "Feed additive Guanidinoacetic acid" limits the content of harmful residues such as cyanamide, dicyandiamide, and melamine in China. Mr. Tian analyzed in detail the differences in international sanitary indicators of guanidinoacetic acid:

      In terms of melamine residue control, Gendone leads the world and is a leader in the guanidinoacetic acid industry. At the same time, our highest corporate standard is also the value of assuming social responsibility.

      Mr. Tian mentioned that our product’s differentiation advantage is premium manufacturing and synergist technology. Boutique manufacturing includes precision technology, precision equipment, superb craftsmanship, selected raw materials, sophisticated management, and fine quality control. At the same time, we draw our sword to inferior guanidinoacetic acid in the first half of the year. As a result, it showed that the effective content of the fake guanidinoacetic acid products are low, there are many residues, and batch quality is unstable.

      The use of inferior guanidinoacetic acid by feed companies or breeding companies can cause or aggravate animal respiratory diseases, increase the burden on the kidneys, decrease production performance, white meat, and even death.

      At the same time, Mr. Tian shared the latest research progress and application plan of our company's NutriBuilder? in weaning piglets, growing and finishing pigs, sows, meat and poultry, breeding poultry and other animals.

      NutriBuilder? (guanidinoacetic acid) is a breakthrough technological innovation in the growth and finishing stage of livestock in China in the past 40 years. It is a major contribution of Gendone to Chinese feed and breeding industry! At present, Gendone has established the most advanced guanidinoacetic acid production system, quality control standards and management certification system to fully meet the worldwide guanidinoacetic acid quality and quantity requirements.

      In the future, Gendoners will continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of arduous entrepreneurship, persistent pursuit, and bravely climbing technological peaks, and strive to realize the company mission of "Make animal nutrition and health cause great by biotechnology", and strive to make greater progress for the development of the industry contribution!

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