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      Gendone's 2020 Semi-annual online video conference was successfully held

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      Author: Zheng Chao, Business School

      Abstract: On July 29th, 2020, Beijing Gendone Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gendone") successfully held the 2020 semi-annual work summary plan and excellent commendation meeting. 

      On July 29th, 2020, Beijing Gendone Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gendone") successfully held the 2020 semi-annual work summary plan and excellent commendation meeting. This meeting finally overcome the impact of the epidemic and was successfully held in the form of a online video conference and ended successfully!

      The theme of this conference is "Seize Xichuan, Strive for The World!" Combining the company's current market environment and industry status, how Gendoners grasp opportunities, face difficulties, break out of the fierce market competition, and achieve a major leap in the company's development is the main theme of this conference. For this reason, all the participants of the company carefully prepared, actively sought, and interacted with their hearts. Finally, the semi-annual video conference was held in a unique style, pragmatic and efficient, and show an excellent demeanor of Gendoners who are prepared for danger and boldly pioneer!

      At this conference, the company’s president, Dr. Yang Libin, the heads of various business department, vice president, and the deputy dean of the business school respectively made work summary and planning mobilization reports.

      (Dr. Yang delivered a speech)

      Dr. Yang first gave an in-depth explanation on the theme of the conference, "Seize Xichuan, Strive for The World". To let the employees of the company, have a deeper understanding of the theme of the conference, Dr. Yang carefully prepared a short film of "Rongzhong Plan" an episode from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In this episode, Zhuge Liang suggest Liu Bei to seize Xichuan to win the Central Plains of China. Looking back on history, absorbing nourishment from the experience of the predecessors, combining with the current development status of the company, figuring out how to actively seek changes and finally realize the strategic concept of wining the Central Plains. This fully reflects Dr. Yang's leadership style of being prepared for danger in times of peace and daring to be a pioneer. Afterwards, Dr. Yang highly affirmed that under the influence of the "double epidemics" (COVID-19 and ASF) in 2020, the company still achieved outstanding performance in both operating income and net profit. Subsequently, Dr. Yang released the company's performance goals, development plans and key work deployments for the second half of the year. He earnestly hoped that all employees of the company would unite to keep warm, and unswervingly realize the strategic goal of seizing Xichuan.

      Li Zhengxiang, Marketing Director of Additives Department, Wang Zhenzhen, General Manager of Overseas Department, Zhang Dayue, General Manager of Central Plains Department, and Mao Anyin, General Manager of Northern Department, respectively summarized the work summary of each department in the first half of the year and the strategic goals, key measures, work deployment, and brand in the second half of the year. A wonderful report on culture and other content.

      (From left to right: Li Zhengxiang, Wang Zhenzhen, Zhang Dayue, Mao Anyin)

      The company’s vice president Yin Chao’s report was entitled "How does the industrial base support strategy to execution". Mr. Yin introduced to us the key project planning of the base in the second half of the year, and how to realize the technical transformation and expansion of the plant. Subsequently, it explained how to ensure the implementation of various measures in the industrial base to ensure the realization of the strategic goals in the second half of the year.

      (Left Yin Chao, right Zhang Wencai)

      Zhang Wencai, the deputy dean of the business school, took "How the business school guarantees strategy to execution" as the theme, and introduced the four key words "talent, organization, brand, and culture" as the introduction point, explaining how to apply these concepts to human resources and market planning. And the commissar system is reflected in the specific work and exerts its effect. Then, it deeply analyzed the specific strategies and measures that the business school plans to adopt to complete the work objectives of the second half of the year.

      In the second half of the meeting, the company grandly commended outstanding employees. The conference announced 34 winners, of which 9 representatives shared their good experience based on their own work. From their sharing, we deeply felt what is a gendone hero, what is an outstanding gendoner, what is meant by opening territory, and what is meant by an excellent commissar. The excellent commendation session not only allows everyone to clarify the standard of learning from the role model, but also clearly discovers the gap with the role model, and encourages everyone to work hard to catch up.

      (From left to right: Li Qingqing, Yang Dongshan, Liu Guanggui, Wang Hekun, Mao Xuanyin, Wang Zhiyong, Zhu Huiyi, Song Xianglian, Li Zhonghua)

      After a day of meeting, all the participants expressed that they had gained a lot and thought a lot. The successful convening of this semi-annual conference not only demonstrated the excellent style of Gendoners summing up the past and rewarding advanced people, but also a brand new beginning for Gendoners to be prepared for danger and face challenges directly!

      As Mr. Yin stated in his opening speech, Gendone has not only overcome the impact of the epidemic well, but also has a place in the world. As Dr. Wang said in his closing speech, Gendone is developing rapidly. Will surely achieve more Gendoners. Let us hold high the banner of "Seize Xichuan, Strive for the World", and create a new journey for Gendone together!

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